Registry Office

You don’t have to own a yacht in the bahamas to secure your assets in a safe haven.

You don’t have to have an address in West Indies to control your tax.

Security and privacy is a simple process in the Principality of Cogito.

Register using the MyDC portal to access all the benefits of the Principality of Cogito. These benefits include the safe haven for anyone who registers a trust and business and the ability to manage and control the timing of the tax liability on your earnings.

Cogito and MyDC are more than this though, coming in 2020 we will have the ability to buy and sell everyday goods and services using the currency of Cogito, the Cog.

The Cog is not a cryptocoin, it is a government issued currency, issued by the Principality of Cogito, only available in a digital format. MyDC is the most secure banking system in the world with a single centralised banking system. The benefit of this is that every transaction can be traced and tracked eliminating fraudulent transactions.


Free Registration

  • All MyDC accounts are established for you on registration.
  • You can refer others to MyDC via your personal referral link.
  • You can start earning commission from the activity of others in your network.
  • There is no expiry on commissions earned.
  • You will have access to training and marketing support.
  • You will be able to become a Digital Citizen at anytime in the future.
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