About MyDC

MyDC is fully owned by the Principality of Cogito and is a global and stable digital network providing consumers, businesses, nonprofits and governments with an asset and cash backed currency called the Cog. The Cog is a digital currency tied in value to the Euro. This significantly reduces the speculation and bubble risks that are predominant in other digital currencies.

Cogito Digital Citizens will build wealth in a way traditional banks and investment vehicles are yet to adapt to and will eventually have access to a growing market of fractional investments, enabling small to large investments. This will give people all around the globe the ability to build wealth in a new way. MYDC brings together the benefits of traditional and digital currencies.

What makes MyDC different?

Many digital currencies have been established for the sole purpose of trading between other digital currencies. The underlying value of these currencies is most likely nothing and the risks associated with them are high.. MYDC is asset and cash backed and will have the ability to be used in everyday life. The Cog bridges the gap between the traditional bitcoin model and the global financial markets.

Unlike other digital currencies, the Cog is a global but centralised system where every transaction can be traced. We employ extensive KYC and AML systems to ensure the integrity of the Cog.

A Cogito Digital Citizen is able to access corporate company structure which gives them security of assets and tax management control. By securing your business in Cogito, you access a safe and secure repository for both private and commercial operations.

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